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I've been struggling with stress, tension and anxiety

for some time. When I was offered a session I felt quite

sceptical. But this was something different, natural,

like lying in the kissing Sun, but not hot, safe and caring.


My tensions and anxieties eased. I absolutely recommend this.

Megan, 58

I've had the opportunity to try Ajna light a few times and this is what I think. There are different programmes to choose from, according to what one wishes to achieve. The light simulates different wave patterns, the same that are in your brain in order to help you feeling more relaxed, active, less anxious, depending on the programme. I have personally tried those for helping with depression and sleeping problems. I can honestly say that I always feel lighter after each session. I can also sleep better and that's alone is a great bonus. I've been very lucky to have been given the chance to try this great product. I strongly recommend having a session yourself. 

Bruno, 45

Since my wife passed away 4 years ago I have struggled with numerous health problems of which panic attacks were the most intense. I went for the Ajna session full of scepticism. You know, at my age you rather don’t trust modern technologies. I was so surprised when after a few days I’ve noticed my fears vanished. Just after the short 15 minutes session. I wish I lived closer to the facility so I could enjoy this therapy more often. I strongly recommend it for everyone

Richard, 61

As a person who is suffering from bipolar disorder I am constantly looking for some effective kind of support which helps me deal with my health condition. I am quite skeptical to any new methods or form of therapy. According to my previous experience with the holistic therapy offered by Wiola and Jacek I tried the light therapy a few days ago. I must admit that the results are far more than expected. I am feeling calm, totally relaxed and pleased that there exists a form of help for people who are coping with the extreme emotions every day.

I must say that I totally recommend this form of the support to everyone who is overstressed, overwhelmed or simply who would like to find peace in such a demanding and frantic world.

Agnes, 33

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