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Prices & Bundles

£1   - per minute



£20 - 30 minutes



£25 - 40 minutes



£35 - 60 minutes*



Consultation is FREE of charge.

Special deal for groups. Please contact us for details.


Gifts bundles for loyal clients.


*25% discount for students.
*50% discount for old age pensioners (OAP)

Important note:
Light Therapy has been used since Ancient times, however, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have ever had an epileptic episode or if there is a family history of epilepsy then the Ajna Light is not recommended for you. If you have ever taken anti-psychotic medication, have a sensitivity to light (especially flickering lights) or have had eye surgery we need to discuss it first.


To buy:
We can help you purchase the latest Ajna Light 3s for USD$5555 which includes unlimited training and support from our side. Please contact us for details.

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