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We Are Always Treating Our Clients With The Same Love We Would Treat Our Family and Ourselves. 

Below There Are Products We Have Been Using To Support Our Practice and Improve Health. 



The importance of Magnesium has been widely reported. This mineral is a great muscle relaxant, therefore, everyone with any muscle pain should consider adding this supplement to its diet. It is also responsible for better of the calcium, important for our bones. Furthermore, It is also great for mood issues as well as it can benefit people with sleep problems.  Moreover, it helps to absorb other nutrients from our food, therefore will improve digestion.  More interesting information here


Vitamin D3

Recent research links low levels of the vitamin to an increased risk of type 1 diabetes, muscle and bone pain, and, perhaps more serious, cancers and lymphatic system.
It also plays an important role in promoting healthy bones, largely by promoting the absorption of calcium. "If you have a vitamin D deficiency, particularly in your older years, it can lead to osteoporosis or osteomalacia [bone softening]," says Lona Sandon, RD, assistant professor of the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. More useful information

          Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is recommended memory loss or Alzheimer's disease as well as to slow ageing, and to boost mood, energy, concentration and overall mental function. It improves the immune system and benefits people with heart disease and clogged arteries as well as with diabetes, nerve damage,  weak bones (osteoporosis), swollen tendons, AIDS, IBS, diarrhoea, asthma and allergies. As well as many others. For more information, please check here.

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Oregano Oil

Powerful antioxidant. Can be taken orally as well as rubbed on the skin. Oregano oil is a powerful antibiotic and antifungal and anti-inflammatory remedy. Similarly to the Ginkgo Biloba, some strains of CBD and Devil’s Claw is effective against neuropathic pain. It is also very good for people who are quitting smoking as it helps to clear the lungs. The list of contraindications is short but it is important to not take it longer than 14 days in a row. More benefits here.


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Epson Salt

There is nothing best than a warm bath to relax. Especially if our muscles are sore after the workout or long day. Adding Epson salt, which is pure source magnesium will help to better relax thanks to the ability to absorb through the skin. For a full bath add 300 - 500g and for a small bowl several tablespoons.  Do not add shampoo. Bath for 20 minutes then let the skin dry itself. More information here.


Soda Bicarbonate

Perfect to add to the water and drink. It will help to clean the colon and improve digestion. Add a teaspoon or even less to a glass of water and drink. You can add lemon if you like. Use only food-grade soda.
It is also good to add to homemade toothpaste or to the bath. You can mix it with Epson Salt as well. This will enhance cleansing. More information



THRIVA, Blood Test

Wide-spectrum blood test. Tailored by you depends on your needs. Next day delivery. The results are available online. With our link first purchase 50% off.



The China Study

by T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell 

The China Study examines the link between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This book debunks various health myths and misconceptions. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to learn more about a healthy diet. 

80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your Life One Luscious Bite at a Time.

by Douglas Graham

Another great book about diet. For those who struggle with weight and have various health issues. As well as for people who wish to learn more about the low-fat raw vegan diet. Great source of meal ideas and science behind. 


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