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The Ajna Light directly mediates with the unconscious mind and the neurophysiology of the body.

Light flicker frequencies entrain brainwaves, bringing you into a relaxed and meditative state. If you are stressed or have a busy mind, even with your thoughts active while the light sequence is playing, you will automatically be brought into a more relaxed state.

There is no need to try to stop your thoughts, just observe your sensations during the session.  The Ajna Light assists you to enter a meditative state without years of meditative practice.

Delta brainwaves occur during deep non-dreaming sleep and also during the deepest level of meditation. The delta state of meditation is experienced by those with many years of practice when awareness is fully detached from the outside world. The Delta state accesses the power and knowingness of your unconscious mind.

Delta is the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, known in yoga as the Akasha, where all the information in the universe is available which is otherwise inaccessible at the conscious level. In the delta state cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) washes out toxins from the brain that has resulted from waking metabolic processes. The neurones shrink at this stage of sleep so the CSF can flush through the brain. The body heals and regenerates.

Some benefits of delta brainwaves:
  Release of anti-aging and HGH (cell regeneration) hormones
  Connection to the unconscious mind
  Empathic feelings activated
  Deepest level of relaxation
  Paranormal experiences
  Decrease level of Cortisol (stress hormone)



Theta brainwaves happen during deep meditation and the REM periods of light sleep. They occur every time you drift into sleep and it is called the hypnogogic state. Images are seen during this time as you are just entering sleep, although you are still just awake and aware. The subconscious mind is active in Theta. Deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe occur in meditation in the theta state.

Some benefits of theta brainwaves:
  Reduction in anxiety
  Sense of deep spiritual connection
  Visualisations, creativity, insight



Alpha brainwaves happen in relaxation, often when the eyes are closed, during light meditation or a daydream. It is an easy alert state of focus and concentration. This state engages your imagination and powers of visualisation because alpha works as a bridge between the subconscious (theta) and the conscious (beta) parts of the mind.

Some benefits of alpha brainwaves
  Pain relief
  Stress/anxiety reduction
  Memory improvement
  Lucid, blissful mental state


Beta brainwaves happen in normal alert waking consciousness, when the logical mind is reasoning, judging, analysing and thinking. As the brainwave frequency increases to high beta, there is a disconnect from the intuitive low alpha state. The inner critic becomes stronger, leading to physiological, emotional and mental symptoms of stress. These symptoms include shallow breathing, worrying, obsessive thoughts, elevated heart rate and blood pressure through high levels of adrenaline.

Some benefits of healthy levels of beta brainwaves
  Motivation boost
  Reduction of fatigue
  Enhanced language skills
  Effective in treating ADD by increasing the ability to focus

Gamma brainwaves are associated with insight and high-level information processing. They are not produced under normal circumstances. Gamma waves have been observed in Tibetan Buddhist monks who when they practise loving kindness meditation are able to produce gamma rays at will.

Some benefits of gamma brainwaves:
  Preventative treatment for migraines
  Increasing short-term memory
  Producing feelings of extreme bliss
  Increased focus and mental processing
  Enhanced sensory ability



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